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I prefer to be free. I have no need for distractions from silly notions of either supremacy or inferiority. It has obviously influenced me, being of mixed background it certainly is been when camping the other I’ve constantly been turned conscious of. I got hassled in college needless to say; surrounded by very easy, monocultural white kids in New Zealand.

We are so happy how the great gods of web business are situated in control. We are now able to continue within our quest to glorify the highest god, Mammon, once we create musical tastes by limiting content and manufacturing consent for the almighty dollar. This perverted article as well as ilk can now continue their ruthless assault on art and music, and help art, culture, and ethics to stay under Mammon s control. Please select what must be heard and focus and seen and we all can continue our *not* ruthless assault on culture. They are just entertainers for use for the wealth-generating purposes, and we will still create systems that limit our perspectives to only what you are able sell us, whether Alice Cooper concert in vegas it be music, art, news, or just writing trash such as this.

These are not Facts. Since you are not aware of what the word fact means, here it is: facts are things that can exit (definition from Oxford Dictionary). The known FACTS are: Michael Jackson has written hundreds of songs for people to enjoy and to inspire us to create this world an improved place. Read Michael s music to learn yourself, and will also definitely does one much good in life.

LiveXLive Media has appointed Michael Zemetra as its Chief Financial officer. He succeeds Jerry Gold, who guided the business through important milestones, including LiveXLive’s listing on NASDAQ, purchasing of Slacker Radio, plus a significant capital raise. Gold will end up the Chief Strategy Officer and has joined LiveXLive’s Board of Directors.

Veoh was buried way back when, but its DMCA-riddled ghost has become haunting Universal Music Group as well as the broader music, film, and content industries. In a reaffirming ruling just issued by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a youthful, District Court decision heavily favoring Veoh was upheld and supported. The Ninth Circuit concurred that Veoh was playing from the bounds of DMCA protections, despite rather obvious understanding of infringing activity. The decision may have huge implications for DMCA-related cases ahead, including UMG’s ongoing war with Grooveshark (if they’d like to, unlike Veoh, survive the method).